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Our company is motivated to develop and produce advanced and original spinal fusion devices that improves the quality of life for a patient while also supporting their economic needs with a low cost product. Our team of engineers and surgeons create a highly operational company that excels in spinal fusion and develops patent-worthy devices to change the way of the medical field.


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Spinal Balance’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture disruptive technologies, specifically spinal implants to enhance surgeon experience, improve patient outcomes and reduce procedural costs.


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2015 NASS Annual Meeting

October 14-17th 2015, Chicago, IL
Spinal Balance is located at Booth 735

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Spinal Balance Inc.

1510 N Westwood Ave. Room 2040

Toledo, OH 43606



Copies of product instructions for use are available free of charge within 7 days of the request by contacting Spinal Balance, Inc. Customer Service at 419-530-5940

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